Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Plant still alive after 40 years in a sealed bottle

David Latimer and his 40yrs old bottle garden
You probably never heard of David Latimer... In 1960, Mr Latimer thought it would be cool to try to make a bottle garden ‘out of idle curiosity’. Well this guy put a plant in a bottle and watered it one last time before sealing the bottle in 1972... as an experiment.
It turns out the plant is thriving and managed to balance its own ecosystem inside the bottle.
Because it receives sunlight, the plant can photosynthesise and grow (within the limits of its bottle). The photosynthesis process generates oxygen and releases moisture inside the bottle. When the relative humidity inside the bottle reaches the dew point, it usually condenses back on the glass and runs down to the soil.
As leaves falls, they eventually rot on the soil which creates carbon dioxide, which is needed for the photosynthesis as well as the nutrients absorbed by the plant's roots.
More details on his experiment on as well as bottle gardens on the original article of the dailymail.

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