Thursday, 26 December 2013

Control your home heating from your smartphone with the Thermoplug

Electronic thermostats are complex to use and program. For this reason, most of us leave the house with the heating set on 20 or 21°C, which is wasteful and ridiculous when you know clever solutions exist.

Well the Thermoplug (little plastic box on the left) is meant to make your life much easier. You simply use your smartphone as interface, set the temperature. If you want to program heating periods, it is as easy as adding meetings in the app's agenda.

The installation is also very straightforward: it can be connected as a replacement of 90% of heating thermostats in Europe and can even be used in combination with your existing thermostat.

The Thermoplug is currently on pre-order, at a cost of 99.99€, which is not that expensive neither when you think about it: it is in the same price range as those programmed on a weekly basis that can be found at hardware stores.

I almost forgot: it comes with no mandatory contract with a monthly/yearly fee!

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